Best Massage
"I have had many good massages in my life, but David is really extraordinary. For the first time in my life, I find myself getting massages regularly, instead of as a special treat. I find that David's excellent understanding of anatomy and massage therapy techniques results in heightened wellness for me. Awesome!" June 1, 2017 - Mary Chigos

Healthy body
"If you need work on your body for injury, posture, or deep tissue work David is the man. He knows what he is doing and does it professionally and concern for out come. Try it once you will be making return appointments. " May 12, 2017 - Doug Mottern

"David does a great job and I feel great all the time when I keep up with my every other week schedule" May 6, 2017 - Carla Silva

Full Body Massage
"David is a very good masseur. I had shoulder surgery and he really has been helping with getting my shoulder back to normal. I have more mobility and can definitely use it more. I highly recommend him for any type of massage and look forward to my next one." Mar 29, 2017 - Susanne D

A Skilled and Nurturing Masseuse
"David gives an exceptional massage. I go for an 80 minute session and he uses a variety of techniques to relieve chronic muscle tension I experience from scoliosis. He listens well to your preferences and checks in regularly about pressure and comfort. He is very strong and capable of doing deep muscle work, if that's what you want. Definitely recommend him. " Mar 25, 2017 Carla Silva

Massage from David Da Silva
"I had a great massage from David! He helped my shoulder feel better as well as my back. Looking forward to my next massageMar 17, 2017 - j - San Francisco

SUPERB - Must Give It A Try !!!
"Warm, professional and relaxing David is incredible and has an expert touch. The pre-warmed massage table was especially nice. Deep, myofascial massage is not for the faint at heart. Not just any ordinary massage studio. David embodies the whole mind/body approach to health and wellness. Great hours to accommodate anyone's schedule with easy on line booking and auto confirmation reminders. Worth the drive down from San Francisco!" Mar 4, 2017 - Desmond A

An absolute professional
"David really knows his stuff. He's adept at diagnosing where you need treatment and then doing what's necessary to ensure you walk away better off. And he's more than happy to educate you, both about the body and things that can help you outside of his massages." Feb 23, 2017 - T.V.

Beyond fantastic experience
"David is easily the best massage therapist i've seen in the Bay Area. I've been with him for 2 years and no plans to leave!" Feb 9, 2017 - C.P.

Great Massage Therapist!
"David was great! I left feeling better and understanding more about my body and how to keep it feeling better. I will definitely return." Jan 6, 2017 - Carla Silva

Bodhi Tree Massage
"David was great! I had shoulder surgery a year ago and he knows exactly what to do. My shoulder feels so much better. I will go back very soon. Thank you David!" Dec 14, 2016 - N.H.

Stress relieved
"After coming back from finals, I really needed the stress relief. This definitely delivered! Thank you!!" Nov 9, 2016 - justin m

Best around
"This was absolutely the best massage I think I've ever had! The person was VERY knowledgeable and helpful in reducing the extreme pain in my shoulder, back, hip and leg. I absolutely plan on going back as soon as possible!!" Nov 8, 2016 - Wendy S

Incredible deep tissue massage
"David is an experienced massage therapist who truly listens and understands how the muscles can cause pain and/or weakness for the client. His strenuous deep tissue massage quickly isolates the "trouble" points, so that he can focus on those. He recommended a stretch that can easily be done at home on a daily basis, and he left the decision as to when to come back up to me, based on "how you feel." I have already booked my next massage with him!" Nov 6, 2016 - Amber R

"One of my top five massages and really I think top two. David listens and asks good questions. He offered a stretch to use at home and the massage was vigorous yet extremely relaxing. I felt like toxins were leaving my body and I actually felt taller. I plan to go again. Highly recommended." Oct 31, 2016 - L.C.

"Hands down the best deep-tissue massage I have had. My back was so bad that I had stopped going to the gym and was losing sleep at night, tossing and turning. This massage was more helpful than all the physical therapy and prescribed drugs combined. Glad to find someone that knows the anatomy and how to really work out the strains that build up in every muscle of the body. Totally worth every penny paid. " Oct 6, 2016 - T.C.

Great massage therapist
"I normally don’t leave review, but David is so good that I would like to let more people know about him. I have some muscle spasm for over 8 months and I almost thought I may have bone or disc issues on my neck and back because I’ve seen PT, Chiropractice, acupuncture all possible treatment you name it, none of them give me improvement until I went to David’s massage therapy…He’s very kind, knowledgeable and caring person, I’ll highly recommend him if you also having muscle imbalance." Sep 30, 2016 - Susie C

Fab Full Body Massage!
"David gave a wonderful massage. He is very professional and knows where your tight spots are located. Massage is truly a beautiful thing." Sep 1, 2016 - James Brown

Outstanding work
"Dave does a great job and knows what he's doing. Outstanding work performed efficiently, no wasted effort. A great location across from Walgreens in downtown San Mateo!" Aug 28, 2016 - marc D

"Great Deep tissue technique . Truly knows the muscular/miofacial anatomy. A real gentlemen and very easy to relax while receiving exceptional care." Aug 28, 2016 - M.B.

Professional, talented and effective
"As a CMT myself I totally acknowledge a level of his training and healing gifts. He is very good in deep and neuromuscular methods and was effective on my hard-to-deal many knots and problem areas. I was happy to find at last such a good massage therapist after several years in the Bay area. " Aug 14, 2016 - Susan D

Best dep tissue theraputic massage ever!
"David has a gift for finding the spots that need release. He uses many methods to help his clients feel much better. " Aug 12, 2016 - Mary Chigos

Healthy way to go
"David is great at evaluating the areas that need to be addressed. He is professional and talented with massage care. I consider the massage a treat but most of all I consider it treating my body to health. " June 19, 2016 - Peggy

Professional, caring and compassionate.
"David was reassuring and professional. He gave a very effective massage to relax extremely tight muscle and instructions on movements to help continue the healing of the back muscles." June 13, 2016 - e.s.

"Absolutely helped and would highly recommend. I don't know David's experience but he helped me more than a phd physical therapist I saw the day before." June 5, 2016 - Nomi M

Excellent massage therapist
"Every massage with David is amazing and I cannot wait until the next one. If I ever have pain in a particular area, he gradually increases his pressure until the pain disappears. David is super friendly, warm, kind, knowledgeable, and professional. I am always reluctant to tell friends about him out of fear that he will get too busy! A massage by David is highly recommended, he is very gifted - you will not regret it!" May 17, 2016 - Shruti G

In one word - AWESOME!
"I've been going to David for a couple of years now and would not think of going anywhere else. He is is extremely knowledgable, caring and I always leave feeling so much better. I have some chronic issues due to working on the computer and playing certain sports. David has helped me improve my posture for work as well as shown me some self-help tricks for my pain points." May 14, 2016 - First Timer

First Timer
"David was good. I loved the personalized assessment and suggestions. He is very knowledgeable about the body, which is a rare thing. He was always concerned about the level of pressure and was super friendly!" Apr 22, 2016 - John L

excellent skill, care, and maturity
"I've been seeing David for several years now. He's a fantastic massage therapist all around: pressure, adaptability, targeting, and stretching when needed. He understands tons of advanced issues and is able to easily explain them to you as well. He's also super friendly and professional and has always made the logistics of appointments easy. "Apr 1, 2016 - R.D.

Great Experience
"David was a great teacher and therapist. He took his time to learn what I needed and offered great advice on how to treat my pain in between sessions. He made me feel very comfortable and I left feeling great. I already made my appointment for my next session. " Mar 5, 2016 - Mike S

"My first ever deep tissue massage was a huge victory that has made me add it to my life essentials.The reason for that was the way Dave did the job and has for the last few months..Dave will always give 110% and you will feel the same as I.Hes not only a great therapist but a top of the line person." Feb 22, 2016 - K.H.

Spot on
"David nailed the type and intensity of massage I wanted and that my body needed. He adeptly located tense points and worked on them very thoroughly. He also explained just enough about what he was doing to help me learn about what was going on wiith specific parts of my body. Very satisfied!"

Dec 21, 2015 - K.B.

Very good
"I had a very good experience and a massage. good people and good vibe very relaxing I recommend this place to anyone who is tense you will be relaxed after your session" Dec 13, 2015 - M.Y.

Best Massage EVER
"The title says it all! I had the BEST massage ever. I left feeling relaxed and re-energized! I HIGHLY recommend David." Nov 15, 2015 - Marie D

Professional and effective
"David is very professional and knowledgeable. I have gotten deep tissue massages and they were very effective. " Nov 12, 2015 - Monroe L

Excellent. Recommend.
"David is truly a "massage therapist". He knows the body like a physical therapist, and he not only gives a very good massage but also advice on good stretches and other therapeutic approaches to relieving pain and gaining flexibility. He's also just a very nice, pleasant guy - compassionate and attentive. I've really enjoyed my biweekly sessions. " Nov 2, 2015 - prakash Singhal

Great Experience
"I- an older woman, have a achy lower back and leg pains. David listened to my issues when I started and has tailored his strokes to address these accordingly. In fact, after being with him for the last 4 months (once a month), my body feels much fitter. He knows what he is doing. And he is extremely pleasant to be with, friendly, helpful and understanding. I think I am hooked." Sep 6, 2015 - Brian Gardner

One of the best
"This is one of the best massage sessions in the San Mateo/Burlingame area, and I am very picky when it comes to massagers. He takes the time to know just what strokes and even stretches (after the session) your body needs. I left feeling completely relaxed with all of my tight knots gone. Highly recommended!"

July 27, 2015 - k.k.

Great therapist
"David is one of the most knowledgable massage therapists I've met. He is able to target and treat any area with deep tissue massage and lighten the pressure as needed. I gain mobility after each session. He freely shares recommendations he feels will help me outside of his massages. Best massage around and I highly recommend him." July 27, 2015 - prakash singhal

Wonderful experience
"It was a therapeutic experience for me, the right touch, pressure at the right places, a healing experience to my achy joints. Plus David has a wonderful, warm and sensitive, empathetic attitude. I highly recommend it. " July 11, 2015 - Yvonne P

"David is obviously experienced and has a great touch. Enjoyed the massage and would definitely recommend! " July 8, 2015 - P.M.

Excellent experience
"David is a very well seasoned professional with expirience in different techniques, we listens carefully to my concerns and adress the issue. Moreover his knowledge on stretching has helped me tremendously. Definitely worth experiencing it. " June 28, 2015 - L.G.

Wonderful experience
"I have been getting regular massages for almost 30 years and I have to say David is one of the best therapists I've worked with. Not only does he listen but he remembers things you have told him previously about specific aspects of a massage that you do or do not prefer. I always feel so much better after a massage with David and not just the same day but for several days afterward. I think he is a true healer. " June 20, 2015 - R.L.

"The best massage ever! David has a deep concern for my circulation of my muscle tissue and overall health. " June 16, 2015 - S.M.

Attentive and professional
"David has a lovely demeanor, and healing energy. He listens. He is well-versed in his craft and precise in his massage technique. He uses intuition to provide a service that this client specific. I've already booked my next appmt June 16, 2015 - J.M.

"David is very attentive to whatever area needs work. He takes the the time to listen to where you are and what you need. He has a very calming affect, from his soothing voice to his "zen" like demeanor. I booked my appointments in the evening so I could go right to sleep. (I almost fell asleep on the table). I would highly recommend him." June 2, 2015 - Yvonne P

"Really enjoyed the massage, you can tell straightaway that David has much experience and a great feel. Definitely will return!" Apr 30, 2015 - Lynn M

Upper body massage
"A very thorough upper body massage from a pleasant, gentleman - David - thank you! I had tightness and knots in my neck and shoulders and David used ample massage pressure to relieve my discomfort and help me to feel much better. I will absolutely return!" Apr 24, 2015 - Kristoffer C

Amazing Time
"I have been hearing that he has "Angel Hands," and to be honest, he does! He really knows about the body and makes sure he accomplishes the need of what you initially came in for." Apr 9, 2015 - R.L.

Awesome massage
"Once again David gave an excellent massage to relief the muscle tension I was dealing with the past couple of weeks. Highly recommend him for consultation and deep tissue massage. R L" Mar 29, 2015 - A.F.

Pleasant and professional service
"Very good and relaxing service. David is very nice considering I was a few minute late.I would recommend him." Mar 23, 2015 - May

Deep Tissue Massage
"I recently purchased a Groupon for a Deep Tissue Massage at Bodhi Tree Massage Therapy. I usually prefer a female therapist but David made me feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk to. More importantly, he listens to what you want and needless to say, the pressure was exactly what I was looking for. I've been in search for the best Deep Tissue Massage for a long time. I believe my search is over and I will be going back to Bodhi Tree Massage Therapy." Mar 11, 2015 - Norma Lambert MacLeod

A Highly Skilled Practitioner
"I received a gift certificate from a client of mine for a massage with David Da Silva. What a great gift; I always knew I liked that client... David is a very knowledgeable therapist. Not only did I get a great massage, he also taught me something about my posture that I was not aware of, and gave me an exercise to improve it. That alone was worth the price of admission. I heartily recommend David's services." Mar 9, 2015 - Tina B

"Took advantage of the Groupon offer and so glad I did. I had a back/neck/head ache for 2 weeks and David worked on that area with his magic hands and no longer have that constant tension! He also showed me some good stretches for my posture. Highly recommend David di Silva and will definitely go back to him!" Mar 7, 2015 - martha smith

Groupon usage
"I purchased through groupon and David was my therapist. He gave me exactly what I wanted and met my needs. I have purchased a set of 3 massages from groupon for my husband. David is awesome." Mar 2, 2015 - S.R.

terrific targeted massage
"I told David what I wanted to get from the massage, and what I had been working on in terms of flexibility etc. He not only met my goals, but through his own evaluation and assessment, was able to help me further. Terrific massage" Mar 2, 2015 - Martin P

"David really takes the time to work with you and understand what works best for you. I've been seeing him for a few months now, and what I appreciate most, is that he not only remembers my problem areas, the right pressure level etc. but that he consistently looks for ways to improve what he does to fit my specific needs. He is thoughtful and sincere and it really feels like a personalized experience every time I get the chance to visit! " Mar 1, 2015 - Nancy Eagan

David is #1
"I felt warm, peaceful energy as I approached David's new place of practice, Vitality Center. He was glad to see me again. As always, my session was a mix of pleasant, therapeutic touch. He knows just how deep to go & when to back off. David introduced me to the owner whose specialty is reposturing; he has 35+ years' body work experience. David knows reposturing treatment will be beneficial for me. Visit Vitality Center, book a massage w/David & explore the "menu." Healing begins upon entering." Feb 28, 2015 - R.L.

Massage therapy
"David performed an excellent deep tissue massage and was very informative about the wellness of the body muscle and tissue of specific areas of my body. I will definitely be scheduling another session with him. RL" Feb 27, 2015 - A.L.

Highly Recommended 
"David is absolutely fantastic. Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional but he is a very kind person who seems to genuinely care. I would highly recommend his services and look forward to another session. " Feb 24, 2015 - T.V.

Fantastic Experience
"David is absolutely wonderful, professional, and knowledgeable. He listened to me, gave me recommendations, and perfectly tailored my massage to my needs. He also explained the causes of a lot of my pain and worked really hard to provide an incredible experience. Highly recommended! " Feb 23, 2015 - j.c.

"David gives great massages and is very knowledgable about the physiology and anatomy of the body. He explains what he is doing and why. I could feel the benefits of his massage afterward! I will definetly be going back !" Feb 16, 2015 - pat j

"David is a versatile and intuitive massage therapist who has assisted my healing process following a 2013 surgery. With his assistance, I have returned to workouts!" Feb 3, 2015 - S.K.

Massage with David
"David is an amazing massage therapist. I had never had hot stones and he was very skilled with them. I go to David once or 2x month and my body always feel amazing afterwards. He really understands the whole body and can adjust to what you need. " Jan 26, 2015 - Kim Jellicoe